Tue 19 June, 6.30pm (Sutherland Lib.)

'The Lace Weaver' - Lauren Chater

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A breathtaking debut about love and war, and the battle to save a precious legacy

Each lace shawl begins and ends the same way - with a circle. Everything is connected with a thread as fine as gossamer, each life affected by what has come before it and what will come after.

1941, Estonia. As Stalin's brutal Red Army crushes everything in its path, Katarina and her family survive only because their precious farm produce is needed to feed the occupying forces.

Fiercely partisan, Katarina battles to protect her grandmother's precious legacy - the weaving of gossamer lace shawls stitched with intricate patterns that tell the stories passed down through generations.

While Katarina struggles to survive the daily oppression, another young woman is suffocating in her prison of privilege in Moscow. Yearning for freedom and to discover her beloved mother's Baltic heritage, Lydia escapes to Estonia.

Facing the threat of invasion by Hitler's encroaching Third Reich, Katarina and Lydia and two idealistic young soldiers, insurgents in the battle for their homeland, find themselves in a fight for life, liberty and love.


Mon 23 July, 6.30pm (Sutherland Lib.)

'Out There: A survival guide for dating in midlife' - Kerri Sackville

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When Kerri Sackville began dating again after a long marriage, she made every mistake known to womankind.

She swiped right on scammers and fakers, spent weeks fruitlessly texting, agreed to long dates with the wrong men, and got involved with hot messes and commitment phobes. She also met amazing men and went on sensational first dates, and learned how to navigate the minefield that is dating in midlife.
Now, in this comprehensive survival guide, Kerri shares her wisdom. Peppered with hilarious anecdotes from her five years on the scene, Out There covers everything from ghosting to negging, from Friends with Benefits to players, from the perils of chemistry to the pain of breakups. She will show you what to expect when you join a dating site, which men to avoid, which men are worth a shot and, most importantly, how to protect yourself along the way.
Out There is the essential book for any woman jumping on the rollercoaster of midlife dating. Kerri may not be able to find you the man of your dreams, but she will help you survive the ride with your dignity and sanity intact. And you will definitely laugh a lot along the way. Swipe right on Out There, and enjoy the ride!

Mon 3 Sep, 6.30pm (Sutherland Lib.)

'The Lost Pearl' - Emily Madden

Sat 17 Nov, 6.30pm (Sutherland Lib.)

'The Pearl Thief' - Fiona McIntosh

Wed 28 Nov, 6.30pm (Sutherland Lib.)

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