@ Sutherland Library

Saturday, February 1, 10.30am

SOPHIE GREEN - 'The Shelly Bay Ladies Swimming Circle

Meet the bestselling author of The Inaugural Meeting of the Fairvale Ladies Book Club Sophie Green, as she talks about her newest novel.

The Shelly Bay Ladies Swimming Circle is a wonderful and heartfelt read. In the waters of Shelly Bay, four women head to the water to swim every day. They will survive bluebottle stings and heartbreak; they will laugh so hard they swallow water, and they will plunge their tears into the ocean's salt. They will find solace and companionship, and learn that love takes many forms. Most of all, they will cherish their friendship, each and every day.

Wednesday, February 5, 6.30pm

JUDITH HOARE - 'The Woman Who Cracked The Anxiety Code: The Extraordinary Life of Dr Claire Weekes'

Little-remembered in mainstream medical history, the work of Dr Claire Weekes is brought into new light in The Woman who Cracked the Anxiety Code.

Journalist and author Judith Hoare tells the true story of the little-known mental-health pioneer who revolutionised how we see the defining problem of our era: anxiety.

Panic, depression, sorrow, guilt, disgrace, obsession, sleeplessness, low confidence, loneliness, agoraphobia … Dr Weekes knew how to treat them, but was dismissed as underqualified and overly populist by the psychiatric establishment. In a radical move, she had gone directly to the people. Her international bestseller Self Help for Your Nerves, first published in 1962 and still in print, helped tens of millions of people to overcome all of these, and continues to do so.

Tuesday, February 11, 6.30pm

ADELE PARKS - 'Lies, Lies, Lies'

Join internationally bestselling author Adele Parks in conversation with author L.A. Larkin to discuss her latest book, Lies Lies Lies.

Called “gripping and heartbreaking”, Lies Lies Lies explores the darkest corners of a relationship in freefall in a mesmerising tale of marriage and secrets.

L.A. Larkin is an award-winning crime thriller author.


Thursday, March 5, 6.30pm

THERESE SPRUHAN - 'The Memory Pool: Stories from Australian Childhood at the Pool'