Lotus Rooms


Wednesdays: Psychic Medium / Energy Reader - Samantha. Bookings essential. 0401 424 652

Thursday nights: Yin Yoga with Chrissy J, 7.00pm - 8.00pm.

Saturdays: Pyschic Medium / Spiritual Counsellor - Leanne Griffiths. Bookings essential. 0402 254 846

Monthly: New / Full Moon Meditations with Anandi. Bookings essential. Check our website / social media for dates/ details.





Leanne Griffiths is a Professional Psychic Medium/Spiritual Counsellor and Teacher based in the beautiful sunny suburb of Cronulla, Sydney 2230 NSW Australia.

Leanne communicates with Spirit (See, Hear, Sense, Feel and Know) and she uses her abilities as an empath and psychic intuitive to help and heal! You will always manage to have an enlightening experience and a little fun along the way; and some well-needed healing and closure when you need it. 

Following your dreams and living the life you want takes courage and practice. Leanne and Spirit can help to empower you to create your path to walk on! As spirit and the universe are always telling Leanne, it is never too late to change your path and enjoy your life!



I am a Psychic /Medium / Energy Reader offering spiritual guidance and Soul Readings. I do an outer reading on the persons blueprint and life path , focusing on what is unfolding in the now into the future. I also do an inner reading and the inner landscape of the client looking at their energy grids to pin point any changes or personal development they may undertake to benefit their life .

I also work as a therapist and healer to shift a clients energy . I offer a combination of modalities that create my own unique brand of therapy and healing. I am a trainedKinesiologist / Transpersonal Art Therapist / Shamanic Practitioner . I used all these to uncover core blocks and issues by working with the unconscious mind and energy pathways.



CHRISSY J - Yin Yoga Teacher

https://www.facebook.com/chrissyjyoga/   https://www.instagram.com/chrissyjyoga/

ChrissyJ Yoga offers Yin Yoga classes. Guiding you through slow nourishing postures, connecting to breath & body to dissolve tension.


ANANDI - Holistic Therapist


Holistic Therapist, Crystals, Healer, Meditations, Counselling, Retreats.

Handmade healing jewellery with love and intention.